Alignment / Tire Balance

Top-Notch Wheel Alignment by Expert Technicians

Don't Put Yourself or Loved Ones in Danger --Maintain Your Vehicle with Us!

Wheel alignment is crucial to the health of your car or truck. That is why it's important to have it examined on a regular basis for your safety, especially while you're on the road. 

A simple hit to a massive pothole might bump your suspension out of a car maker's specification or a simple brush to the wheel of your car against a curb might cause unbalanced alignment. Have your car examined by our expert technicians today! We can give you tips on how to take care of your car to prevent any damage.

Do you know that your car may become worn if it's not set to the car maker's specification?

Taking care of your car may not be too late; have it examined by our qualified technicians now! We offer the best service at the best price for our customers. Get expert advice from our technicians on how to take care of your car and learn about simple things you can do to prevent damaging it.

Resolve Your Wobbling Car Problem With Our Help

Does the steering wheel of your car wobble? It may be due to imbalanced wheels. Schedule an appointment with us and bring your car to our repair shop. 

Our technicians will easily resolve the problem so that you won't have to experience wobbling next time you drive your car. You can also get shock and strut replacement services from us.
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"I have had my vehicles worked on by Canyon View Automotive. I got fantastic mechanics, awesome prices, and incredible repair service from them. I highly recommend this car repair shop. Truly a bedrock ethical and reliant place to have your vehicles fixed! Keep up the great job!"

A. Jeffrey
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